GALLOZZI GROUP / the businesses

The Gallozzi Group is composed of eight businesses which, with their various specialisations, cover the various key functions of the shipping industry.

The different businesses which make up the group have the shared objective of developingsolutions for, and offering global support to, clients in every sector of the shipping economy. 

The headquarters of the group is in Salerno in Southern Italy, and it is from here that the various overseas commercial offices and logistics hubs are coordinated. 

Gallozzi Group was established in 1952 by Giuseppe (Joe) Gallozzi, M.B.E., to offer third party shipping and forwarding arrangements in Italy. 

From being a local shipping agency the company developed to a group that is operating in the shipping, forwarding, logistic and terminal business, with own offices in Italy, United Kingdom in China and  in Turkey and by next  year also in Germany and USA. 

The group also holds significant investments and assets in private yacht marinas. 

The Salerno based group directly employ 350 people.